1. Prototype development of Bar Wound Hybrid Motor Wires:

Acutech is at the cutting edge of prototype Bar Wound Motor Wire Forming.
Together with Acutech's Automotive Hybrid Electric Motor Customers, the
methods and insight derived in prototype forming of Bar Wound Wires
translates into production practices, thereby reducing production
development cost.
Acutech working with your Design Engineers develop the best methods to
prototype Bar Wound Wire forms for assembling into Stators and twist the
Bar Wound Wire ends for welding.
Acutech experienced Technicians can take on the responsibility of forming
prototype Bar Wound Motor Wires and assembly of 3 and 5 Phase Stators.

2. Production of Insulator Paper forms:

Acutech can develop "U", "O", or "B" form Insulator Paper forming
equipment or produce Insulator Papers on in house equipment.
Methods utilizing heat setting of Paper Forms are used to insure the
stability of the final form.
Bar Wound
Hybrid Motors
Acutech Industries, Inc.